What the lunch is a social site where you can meet online with groups of friends, coworkers or family and vote for where you would like to go eat and the system will make the hard decision for you.


You can join as a guest or log in and either create a lunch group or join an existing one. (You are invited via email to existing lunch groups by someone that has already created one.) After you create the group you adjust your settings add restaurants.


Once you and your friends join your group. You can chat and watch the voting realtime. Once enough people are ready the system will start the countdown and pick a place for you to go.


The advantage of registering for an account is that What-The-Lunch can send notifications to your email or phone when it's time to join or when a selection is made so you never miss out even if you can't join. It will also keep a history of where you go as well as maintain your list of restaurants.

What The Lunch believes in our user's right to privacy. WTL only stores usernames, aliases and emails.

We will not use your email for anything you do not explicitly allow on your profile page.

We track only the winners at a location for demographics purposes. (ie which restaurants are popular at which places)

The chat logs are stored only in memory for 60 minutes.

The idea for What The Lunch spawned after countless hours of bickering about where to go for lunch.

When we finally did decide it usually ended up being the same places over and over again.

We've had the idea for ages to create a public social site where any group of users could quickly join and make a decision about where to go with the smallest amount of hassle.

The site needed to take account everyone's preferences as well as dislikes and make a fair decision for the group.

Thus the idea for What The Lunch was born!

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